Wilber's Writings on
Adi Da Samraj:
"Contradictory and
Deeply Problematic"

Wilber: "A Short Appreciation"

Wilber: "On Heroes
and Cults"

Wilber's Review of "The
Dawn Horse Testament"

Wilber's "The Strange Case of Adi Da"

Wilber's "A Spirituality That Transforms"

Wilber's "Private" Letter to the Adidam Community

Wilber's "Update on the Case of Adi Da"

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About Us


We are a group of Adi Da Samraj's devotees who have benefitted profoundly from Adi Da's Teaching, from our direct, human and Spiritual relationship with Him, and from practice of Adi Da's Way of Adidam, which is based on that human and Spiritual relationship. Some of us have been devotees of Adi Da Samraj for nearly thirty years. We have nothing but profound gratitude, deep respect, and great love for our Spiritual Master, and His immense, and undying compassion for us, and for all beings, and appreciation for the creative ways He finds to actively express that compassion.

For this reason, we have been deeply distressed at the confusion Ken Wilber's writings (or even just references to those writings) have been causing. We wish to set the record straight for all who are interested in this great Spiritual Master. We do not represent the Adidam Institution or Adi Da Samraj in any official capacity.

For a different point of view on Adi Da Samraj, and to hear the stories of people who have spent far more time in Adi Da Samraj's Company than Ken Wilber, please visit the About Adidam website or the Adi Da and Adidam: Personal Perspectives website.

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